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Welcome to Contextual Genomics

We are a Canadian, privately held company launched in 2012 to implement and market novel molecular diagnostics. Combining extensive scientific experience, multiple genomics-based tests and support from pharmaceutical and diagnostic partners, Contextual Genomics is leading the shift towards personalized cancer care.

In cancer care, understanding a patient’s personal genomic profile equips oncologists with valuable information to better diagnose, predict, treat and prevent disease. Personalized medicine may improve patient outcomes and has the potential to reduce healthcare costs and adverse drug reactions. While next generation sequencing (NGS) has enabled researchers and diagnosticians the unique opportunity to view a patient’s personal genomic profile, it takes the expertise of the team interpreting this vast amount of data and well-designed bioinformatics tools to provide results that are meaningful to the clinician and to the patient. Our competitive advantage is based on globally recognized expertise, a deep talent pool covering all requisite technologies, strong relationships with the genomics discovery community, scalability which provides cost efficiencies, reimbursement opportunities, and world leading quality assurance systems to ensure patient safety.


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We deliver a suite of genomics-based cancer tests to identify a patient’s personal genomic profile.

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We combine genomics, informatics, and clinical oncology expertise to bring patients a gold standard molecular test for cancer.

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