Empowering labs to deploy cancer genomic testing

with a complete end-to-end solution

We are different

Unlike send-out labs that are usually costly and time-consuming,  Contextual Genomics offers a suite of cost-effective products and solutions that enable laboratories worldwide to implement Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) genomic testing in-house based on either tissue or blood samples. Our solutions bring about reduced turnaround-times (TAT) and higher data control which translate into better cancer management, while driving laboratories’ profit margins higher.

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Our Process
Transferring our technology to your laboratory.

Our tests are deployed and validated on site and branded by local partner facilities through a proven technology transfer process. This empowers our partners to implement an End-to-End solution for their patients from sample accessioning through to generation of clinical report. Our technology transfer process is customized with each partner lab.

Learning from Data 
Analytics over large datasets leads to enhanced products.

Our centralised cloud based informatics platform (CGIRP) allows for remote and real time monitoring of laboratory performance and the ability to learn from patterns in aggregated datasets. These in turn inform enhanced product development to further benefit patients.

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The value for you
Better cancer care for patients with higher margins for your lab.

Integrating cancer mutation information into clinical care allows molecular diagnosis information to be used where and when it is most needed—for disease management. More than 50 new targeted cancer therapies can only be administered to patients on the basis of knowing the status of specific gene mutations in the patient’s tumour. Deploying our solutions grants your patients better cancer care through expansion of treatment options and adoption of personalized treatment plans. Additionally, our cost-effective assays will generate higher margins for your lab based on the current reimbursement rates.

We provide complete solutions that facilitate and drive precision oncology.

High Quality & Affordable Cancer Genomic Tests

Contextual Genomics’ tests are best in class clinical grade cancer assays that digitize biologic samples. We offer clinically actionable, cost effective solid tumor and liquid biopsy tests that are designed to be reimbursable under the current reimbursement fees, and allow for rapid scaling. Local optimization and validation of the tests occurs within each of our partners facilities.

Robust & Accurate Bioinformatics Analysis

Cloud based bioinformatics platform (CGIRP) for accurate identification and analysis of mutations.  Accuracy and quality assurance are guaranteed through our proprietary autonomous quality control  (QUALITY NEXUS™).