Our Technology

We seamlessly transfer our technology to partner labs, thus empowering them to execute world-leading mutation testing for cancer patients. By leveraging our Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud based analytics platform, the (CGIRP), you will have access to a proprietary informatics software suite covering the full stack of molecular and computational quality assurance, genome analytics, mutation interpretation and report generation.


The Contextual Genomics Informatics & Reporting Platform (CGIRP).

Contextual Genomics has developed a robust, accurate and high-throughput cloud-based bioinformatics system for the identification and clinical interpretation of mutations from Next-Generation Sequencing.

The CGIRP consists of four integrated components:

  • Genome Analytics (CGGA)Includes custom sequence pre-processing to variant annotation with built-in, rigorous, proprietary quality control (QUALITY NEXUS™)
  • Centralized Database (CGDB)Centralized database that stores, manages and analyzes anonymized, aggregate data for assay improvement. The CGDB ensures data integrity and scalability
  • Knowledge Base (CGKB)A vast knowledge base that is sourced from over 30 sources including the FDA, EMA, NCCN, Pubmed, NCBI, NIH,, Health Canada  and other sources for both single variant and combination variant interpretations, and is curated and reviewed by a team of scientists and experts 
  • Reporting System (CGRS)Clinical reports are auto-generated and seamlessly integrated into partners LIMS

This complete platform provides the end-to-end solution from identifying mutations from targeted NGS data to auto-generated clinical reports. The system is fully automated, scalable, secure, traceable and functions in a high throughput production mode using cloud computing.

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All our products are embedded with our patented molecular and computational quality assurance platform QUALITY NEXUS™ to enable robust detection of mutations across the full range of diagnostic clinical samples collected in routine pathology workflows. QUALITY NEXUS™ provides the highest level of quality assurance for our assays, safeguarding patients and pinpointing the optimal treatment for their cancer.

QUALITY NEXUS™ permits “best in class” detection of low frequency mutations through the use of a large number of thermodynamically balanced sets of proprietary ‘barcodes’.  By using a machine learning approach for SNV calling and barcode based analysis, QUALITY NEXUS™ creates an opportunity to infer molecular diversity indices and distinguish artifacts from true mutations.

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