What we do

We empower clinical labs to deploy cancer genomic tests in their facilities

Founded and led by international leaders in cancer genomics and bioinformatics, Contextual Genomics delivers End-to-End solutions to clinical laboratories that harness the genomic data of cancer patients to improve patient diagnosis and present expanded treatment options to oncologists and patients.

Our End-to-End solutions are NGS liquid and tissue biopsy assays that detect mutations in cancer, and are designed to be clinically actionable, clinical grade (CAP, CLIA validated), and cost effective. A proprietary state-of-the-art cloud based bioinformatics platform (CGIRP) that alleviates the need for our partner laboratories to invest in any additional R&D and software development is an integral part of our offering. All our solutions are embedded with leading, proprietary molecular quality assurance tools, enabling laboratory partners to effectively support their cancer physicians and patients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to lead the shift in precision oncology towards better access to high quality and affordable genomic testing worldwide


Contextual Genomics holds full accreditation by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), the Diagnostic Accreditation Program of British Columbia (DAP), and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Clinical Laboratory Improvements Amendments (CLIA), and holds a clinical laboratory license from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).

Leadership Team

Contextual Genomics’ expertise in the provision and interpretation of genomic-based assays in cancer is unmatched. Our key strength lies in development and delivery of genomics based cancer diagnostics and bioinformatics. This stems from the extensive experience of our scientific and medical leaders, Drs. Samuel Aparicio, David Huntsman and Sohrab Shah.

Each has gained international recognition for their unparalleled work in the field of cancer research. Collectively, they have published >400 peer reviewed articles in the field of cancer genomics, diagnosis, and bioinformatics including in the New England Journal of Medicine, Science, Nature and Nature Genetics.

Board of Directors