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Idengene SA to bring Contextual Genomics’ Revolutionary Cancer Genomic Test Find-It™ to Brazil

  • Find-It™ screens for more than 140 somatic genome alterations in cancer patients
  • Idengene SA will offer Find-It™ in Brazil in Q1 2018 through an exclusive distributorship with Contextual Genomics
  • Partnership includes access to future cancer assays from the Contextual Genomics pipeline

Sao Paulo, Brazil and Vancouver, Canada – November 9, 2017: Brazilian diagnostics company Idengene SA has partnered with leading Canadian cancer genomics company Contextual Genomics to bring Find-It™, a potentially revolutionary genomic test, to Brazil. Idengene will offer Find-It™ at its laboratory in Brazil to patients diagnosed with cancer.

Under the terms of the distribution, license and services agreement, Idengene will have access to Contextual Genomics’ proprietary bioinformatics molecular diagnostics technology, quality control systems (QUALITY NEXUS™ suite), treatment indications database and physician report generation system and Contextual Genomics will have access to Idengene’s network of medically-led cancer clinical practice sites in Brazil.

The Find-It™ molecular hotspot assay screens for known gene mutations found in solid tumor cancers to identify optimal therapeutic treatments and recognize acquired drugresistant mutations, making it possible for doctors to customize therapies with greater precision for cancer patients. The assay, supported by Contextual Genomics’ innovative, cloud-based analysis engine, also helps to determine prognostic and diagnostic implications for patient care.

Dr. Samuel Aparicio, Contextual Genomics’ Chief Scientific Officer, said, “There is a growing number of new mutation-targeted cancer treatments only accessible through DNA-based testing, which has not been widely available. Idengene’s presence in Brazil will broaden access to quality DNA-based diagnostics and can lead to better outcomes for patients diagnosed with cancer.” He added, “Knowledge gained from molecular analysis allows patients and their oncologists to make informed, timely treatment decisions.”

Thomas de Almeida, CEO of Idengene, stated, “We are pleased to expand Idengene’s services in Brazil to include quality DNA-based diagnostics to serve our physicians and their patients. The analysis from the Find-It™ assay supports personalized cancer care in which patients are more precisely matched to treatments based on the mutation status of the tumor DNA. We believe this approach will change the way cancer is managed in Brazil.” He further added, “Idengene’s access to Contextual Genomics’ Find-It™ assay and other assays in development will position us to become a leader in quality cancer genomic diagnostics in Brazil.”

The Find-It™ cancer panel is a multiplex, next- generation sequencing genomic assay designed for rapid deployment into labs around the world. Find-It™ evaluates the mutation status of tumor DNA at 140 well-characterized positions, identifying the somatic mutations that have the greatest potential to impact treatment decisions. QUALITY NEXUS™ is a quality control system embedded into all Find-It™ assays and into Contextual Genomics’ cloud-based analysis engine. Find-It™ physician reports provide clear information on test interpretation and linkages to current therapeutic options.

About Idengene SA (

Idengene is a molecular pathology laboratory in Brazil recognized as a leader in high quality molecular assays for oncology. Our oncology testing services range from early diagnosis to treatment effectiveness efforts. Idengene’s multidisciplinary team includes experts in genomics, oncology, pathology and bioinformatics. This year, Idengene gained the attention of Grupo Oncoclinicas, the largest oncology group from Latin America, with 52 points of care in 5 Hospitals and 30 clinics and approximately 450 oncologists. Grupo Oncoclinicas has partnered with Idengene in a joint plan to empower cancer defeat in Brazil.

About Contextual Genomics (

Contextual Genomics has developed cost-effective and clinically actionable molecular tests that guide diagnosis and treatment of cancer. These customized tests are offered by our partner laboratories around the world with Contextual conducting cloud-based bioinformatics services via a SaaS model. The collection of data via this robust network of partners and the use of machine-learning tools allows Contextual Genomics to improve patient care through improved clinical trial enrollment and new treatment algorithms. Contextual Genomics is founded and managed by global leaders in cancer medicine and bioinformatics, who have unparalleled expertise in cancer genomics and the clonal evolution of cancer.


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