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Contextual Genomics Named to 2017 Life Science Ready to Rocket List

Vancouver, Canada – April 10, 2017 Contextual Genomics Inc. (“Contextual”), developers of cancer tests and computational systems, is pleased to announce it has been named to the 2017 Life Science Ready to Rocket List.

Contextual Genomics was recognized for expanding its distribution of genomic cancer testing to international partner laboratories. Ready to Rocket ( identifies the top private B.C. companies positioned to capitalize on growth.

Chris Wagner, President and CEO of Contextual Genomics, stated, “We are pleased to have been named to the Life Science Ready to Rocket List for the second year in a row. We believe it is a testament to our ability to adapt and expand our technology in this rapidly growing area of molecular analysis.” He added, “Genomic testing has become an important part of cancer identification and treatment guidance. Our bioinformatics and data analytics quality and expertise ensure that physicians, patients and researchers receive the most accurate and relevant information available.”

In addition to the cost-effective molecular cancer tests developed by Contextual Genomics, the company has grown its ability to deploy its testing and analytics globally. It’s bioinformatics services are designed to be utilized by partner laboratories around the world. The Find-It™ cancer panel is a multiplex, next-generation sequencing genomic assay designed for rapid deployment into labs around the world. Find-It™ evaluates the mutation status of tumor DNA at more than 100 well-characterized positions, identifying the somatic mutations that have the greatest potential to impact treatment decisions. QA Nexus™ is a quality control system embedded into all Find-It™ assays and into Contextual’s bioinformatic pipeline.

About Ready to Rocket
Ready to Rocket is a unique business recognition list that profiles technology companies with the greatest potential for revenue growth. Each year, based on analysis of trends that will drive growth in the information technology sector, Rocket Builders identifies the top private companies that are best positioned to capitalize on the trends for growth. This selection methodology has been an accurate predictor of growth with “Ready to Rocket” companies exceeding the industry growth rate and “Emerging Rocket” companies most likely to gain investment.

About Contextual Genomics
Contextual Genomics ( has developed cost-effective and clinically actionable molecular tests that guide diagnosis and treatment of cancer. These customized tests are designed to be offered by partner laboratories around the world with Contextual conducting bioinformatics services via a SaaS model. The collection of data via this robust network of partners and the use of machine-learning tools will allow Contextual Genomics to improve patient care through improved clinical trial enrollment and new treatment algorithms.

Contextual is managed by global leaders in cancer research and bioinformatics, who have unparalleled expertise in cancer genomics and the clonal evolution of cancer.


Contextual Genomics Media Contact
Chris Wagner
President and CEO
Contextual Genomics

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