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HIT Consultant: Contextual Genomics is Canada’s Top 20 Digital Health Company to Watch


3. Contextual Genomics

Of all the health issues in developing countries, cancer is one condition that affects populations on a wide-scale basis without discrimination. Having crafted diagnostic tests based on gene mutations, this company aims to identify therapeutic targets for patients, acquired drug resistant mutations and mutations that may have prognostic or diagnostic implications for patient care.

Founded: 2012

Founders: David Huntsman, Samuel Aparicio & Sohrab Shah

Category: Diagnostics

Funding: Undisclosed

Why you should pay attention – From breast to colorectal cancer, the data collected by CG’s studies has the ability to significantly impact future studies and treatment processes. The company’s technology is already being utilized for other genetic and hereditary conditions and may have the ability to identify at-risk patients before symptoms develop, giving healthcare systems the ability to expand upon preventative care and save costs.

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