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The Personalized Medicine Initiative and Contextual Genomics Announce a National Access Project for Cancer Testing

VANCOUVER, British Columbia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Personalized Medicine Initiative (PMI) and Contextual Genomics have partnered to launch a National Access Project for Cancer Testing. The project is designed to change clinical practice by allowing medication selection on the basis of an individual’s genetic tumor profile. The testing is for actionable mutations and designed to improve clinical outcomes and reduce costs. The project will be managed by the PMI with participation from Contextual Genomics, several pharmaceutical companies and up to 10 clinical sites across Canada.

“Currently, tumor testing is delivered by a disparate collage of academic laboratories. This leads to non-scalable solutions and inequitable access to molecular testing across the country,” said Chris Wagner, President and CEO of Contextual Genomics. “Unfortunately, the current system is unlikely to change and has led to frustrated oncologists, pharmaceutical companies, health systems, and ultimately patients.”

“A nationally distributed somatic mutation panel can achieve the scale needed to reduce costs, improve quality, and increase availability regardless of where a patient lives. The goal of the partnership is to test 2000 Canadian patients’ tumors and provide that information to a patient’s treatment team free of charge. Outcomes data will be collected to determine the utility of delivering personalized medicine to Canadians,“ stated Rob Fraser, COO of PMI.

About Contextual Genomics:
Contextual Genomics believes that DNA analysis significantly improves human health and geography should not be a barrier to the benefits of using molecular information to guide patient decisions. The company’s first products are actionable molecular tests that guide diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

About Personalized Medicine Initiative:
The PMI is an inclusive organization representing stakeholders in BC and Canada that has the objective of bringing personalized, molecularly-based medicine to Canadians with the aim of improving healthcare outcomes and efficiency as well as enabling more effective preventive health delivery. The PMI is based at the Life Sciences Institute at UBC; Canada’s leading Life Sciences Institute.

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