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Contextual Genomics Appoints Chris Wagner as President & CEO

Contextual Genomics, a next generation molecular diagnostics company, announced today that Chris Wagner has been appointed President and Chief Executive Officer.

“We are very pleased to have Chris join our company,” said Dr. David Huntsman, Chief Medical Officer. “Chris’ previous leadership roles in the global commercialization of pharmaceuticals and molecular diagnostics fits perfectly with our goal of making our products available to people across Canada and internationally. Chris shares our vision that national and international solutions are required to make molecular testing a reality for all patients with or at risk of developing cancer and other serious diseases.”

“We have initiated our program to deliver breast cancer reoccurrence and tumor mutation testing to patients with cancer so this is the right time to bring in a talented CEO who has demonstrated successful strategy development and operational implementation,” commented Dr. Samuel Aparicio, Chief Scientific Officer.

Mr. Wagner stated, “Contextual Genomics will deliver actionable information to individuals and their caregivers based on their unique DNA blueprint. This information will make a difference in people’s lives. I cannot think of a better business to be involved with, and I am proud to lead Contextual Genomics on this path.”

Mr. Wagner has a 20 year history of growing life science companies, most recently as the President and CEO of Sirius Genomics a companion diagnostics company. Mr. Wagner saw the company through new strategy development, scientific discovery, equity capital raising, the world’s largest sepsis genomics clinical trial, and sale of the company. Prior to Sirius Genomics, Mr. Wagner was with Aspreva Pharmaceuticals as a founding member of the company’s executive committee, and VP of Business Development. Mr. Wagner was part of the four member team securing $76 M in private and $113 M in public financings. During his five-year tenure at Aspreva the valuation of the company was increased from $3 M to $1 billion. Prior to Aspreva, Mr. Wagner was with Eli Lilly working in Europe, North America and Asia with positions based in Toronto, Indianapolis and Boston. He worked on the development and commercialization of 15 products including biologics, small molecules, and molecular diagnostics with annual sales reaching over $4 billion.

About Contextual

Contextual Genomics believes that DNA analysis significantly improves human health and that geography should not be a barrier to the benefits of using molecular information to guide patient decisions. The company’s first products are actionable molecular tests that guide diagnosis and treatment of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

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