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Python Senior Software Developer

Job Summary:

Join Contextual Genomics: a leading Canadian genomics company based in Vancouver, BC, built by world experts in the field of cancer genomics.  A position is available immediately to join an exciting and growing commercial enterprise poised to make accessible next generation cancer sequencing diagnostics widely available to patients across the globe.  We develop and distribute state-of-the art molecular tools to inform patients and their oncologists of optimal treatment strategies for their cancer.  The Software Developer will contribute to this endeavor by designing and implementing part(s) of a full-stack bioinformatics and data science platform for cancer genomics. This will entail developing robust, efficient and fault tolerant software within a Linux environment on cloud computing platforms across the spectrum of analytic workflows, visual analytics, databases and user interfaces. The Software Developer will work with senior software developers as well as database developers, bioinformaticians, clinical geneticists and wet-lab personnel in a fully integrated team environment.

Essential Experience:

  • 3+ yrs in a commercial software development environment
  • expert in python development
  • 3+ yrs working in linux environments
  • experienced in OOP and debugging
  • 3+ yrs experience with relational and noSQL databases and queries
  • experienced with javascript, d3.js
  • experienced with unit testing and validation
  • experienced with cloud computing environments such as Amazon AWS
  • experience with git

Desired experience but not essential:

  • Experience developing scientific computing/analytics applications
  • Experience analyzing next generation sequencing data from human DNA
  • Familiarity with variant or somatic mutation calling and subsequent annotation
  • Familiarity with human genetics/genomics
  • Familiarity with scientific computing environments (implementation of algorithms and statistical models)
  • Familiarity with data science software stacks


  • Undergraduate degree in computer science or relevant discipline (MSc or higher preferred).
  • Must be eligible to work in Canada

More information on Contextual Genomics can be found at:

To apply for this position: email CV and cover letter to with job code: CG-JD 3003 in the header.